The first facecream in the world with real cosmic stardust



What is it?

'Heaven and Earth’ is a day and night cream with earthly and celestial ingredients.



What does it do?

'Heaven and Earth’ nourishes and vitalizes your skin like no other product. It creates a beautiful radiance immediately.



How does it work?

When we grow older, the energy of our skin and body decreases. As a result, our skin begins to sag. The energetic and healing effects of the celestial and earthly gems nourish and vitalize your skin’s energy.




Apply the cream on clean damp skin. The effects are immediate. Your skin will enjoy a beautiful radiance.



Special Ingredients

Diamond of meteorite :  Energy booster for the skin. Gives the skin strength and vigorous radiation by pure cosmic energy

Nuwa stone: Stimulates the growth of the production of blood vessels, reinforces the self healing capicity of the skin, harmonises the skin and reduces allergic reactions

Frangipani flower oil: Pure exotic flower oil that smoothens and regenerate the skin




Suitable for sensitive skin

Contains no preservatives or dyes

Fragrance free,

Natural , skin friendely UVA / UVB  filters

Vitamine A, B5, E

No animal testing

Absorbs completely non greasy - perfect basis for make-up

All-in-one product: day, night and eye cream