Shine like a star with "Heaven on Earth"!

We make wishes on falling stars! You are holding in your hands “Heaven on Earth” -  a face cream made from falling stars. Your wish for radiant beauty will come true!

Santi presents a new generation of face cream with the magically vitalizing effect of falling stars… Heavenly luxury!

Imagine: a face cream with pure cosmic energy. "Heaven on Earth"  - a new face cream made from diamonds from heaven. These diamonds come from falling stars and have  extraordinary vitalizing effects on the skin. Tests prove heavenly diamonds have greater effects on the skin's energy than terrestrial diamonds, as the image below illustrates. The result? Radiant skin that shines from within. 


     bio electromagnetic field of a diamond from earth         bio electromagnetic field of a diamond from heaven


"Heaven on Earth" also contains Nuwa, a volcanic stone from the heart of Mother Earth. Nuwa contains dozens of minerals that nourish your skin and support its natural regenerative abilities. This jade-like ingredient will make your skin soft as silk.


The dual combination of heavenly diamonds for radiance and terrestrial Nuwa for nourishment make "Heaven on Earth" a cream that is truly unique. This is both a day and night cream that moisturizes with UVA/ UVB  protection. It has not been tested on animals and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and perfumes. It is suitable for all skin types.

                      skin without ‘Heaven on Earth’ crème                      skin with ‘Heaven on Earth’ crème

When we grow older, the energy of our skin and body decreases. The energetic and healing effects of the celestial and earthly gems nourish and vitalize your skin’s energy. 

In ‘Heaven on Earth' face cream, we used pure frangipani oil from Bali. An exotic flower oil that smoothens fine lines and regenerate the skin.


Apply the cream to your face twice a day.

*  To learn more about the secrets of "Heaven on Earth" read our comprehensive brochure.
Each package of "Heaven on Earth" contains a special message just for you.