Our Philosophy of ‘Heaven on Earth’

The Way of Beauty

You own a new generation of face cream based upon radiance and attraction.
At Santi, our philosophy is that real beauty cannot be found just inside a jar but instead comes from the alchemy of your personality and looks.
This unique face cream is founded upon a new concept of beauty. We will reveal to you the secrets that lead to true beauty. Take your time reading about it.
Enjoy radiant looks with your ‘Heaven on Earth’ face cream!
Our wish is for you to experience Heaven on Earth! 


Mieke Roovers,
President of Top Life Cosmetics



Radiance and Attraction
Sometimes you meet them - people who are not really beautiful but who catch your eye. They draw your attention almost magnetically.
And then there is the opposite: a model who seems beautiful but who does not radiate beauty. So what is the power of attraction that some people possess?
At Santi Cosmetics we asked ourselves: Can the radiance of beauty be made visible? And can radiant beauty be enhanced?
We found answers to these questions and gained a new perspective of beauty.

Welcome to the new world of energy!



Radiance Visible in Photos
In 1515, Paracelsus, a famous physician who spent his entire life searching for the true healing art, observed that "the vital force not only lives inside the body but is also a kind of emanating light surrounding a person.” Later in about 1930, Mr. and Mrs. Kirlian, a Russian couple, were able to photograph this "light" with a special camera. Our studies at Santi Cosmetics on the effects of falling stars (meteorites) and Nuwa stone on the skin were based upon photons, bio electromagnetic field and Kirlian technology. Santi Cosmetics developed the unique formulation for your face cream after extensive experiments.

The light you radiate is called your bio electromagnetic field or aura



Gemstones Change Your Aura
Gemstones contain energy. They radiate their energy (photons) at a certain wave length or frequency. Each type of gemstone contains its own energy field which - if it is being worn on your body - will change your bio electromagnetic field. During many centuries, the effects of gemstones have been discovered through experiments. From time immemorial, gemstones have been used for a variety of purposes.
To keep her skin young, Cleopatra wore a magnetite on her forehead and applied lapis lazuli and malachite as makeup. To keep their youthful appearance, the wives of Chinese Emperors used pulverized amethyst, jade, mica and pearls, both internally and externally. The gemstones used in this face cream are even more special, as they come from the heavens. ‘Heaven on Earth’ is the first face cream made from cosmic gemstones.

Did you know that real stardust consists of the same elements as our own DNA?




  Special ingredients in 'Heaven om Earth' 

The Secrets of Heaven: Falling Star or Meteorite
‘Heaven on Earth’ cream contains diamonds from beyond our planet. Like a falling star, their pure cosmic energy traveled from space through the atmosphere to become a primary ingredient of your face cream. "Falling stars" are ancient rocks from space that burn far above in the earth's atmosphere. When this happens, we briefly see a trail flashing in the sky, and we call it a "falling star". The parts that survive the fall come to earth as meteorites. Such meteorites have been charged with cosmic energy for billions of years. Their cosmic energy is much more powerful than anything on Earth, which explains why a "celestial diamond" has a far stronger aura than an "earthly" one. 




For ‘Heaven on Earth’ , we use a unique meteorite containing the following gemstones:                                                                                                                             

• Diamond as energy-booster for the skin

• Obsidian for tissue regeneration

• Magnetite to stimulate the bloodstream

• Olivine as protective and purifying stone to relieve skin problems


Meteorites containing diamonds are so rare that this cream is presented as limited edition of only 2000.



Secrets from Earth: The Nuwa Stone
‘Heaven on Earth’ face cream also contains Nuwa stone. Nuwa can be found in Mongolia and was formed about 200 million years ago, around the time when large mountain chains developed. Through the process of volcanic eruption, this form of lava was pushed to the planet's surface from the very depths of the Earth. In China, this stone is considered a powerful healing stone with magical properties.
Scientific studies show that Nuwa stone contains dozens of minerals that have beneficial effects on the human body. Further, Nuwa stone radiates a healing magnetic field known as Remote Infrared Ray (RIR). RIR in Nuwa stone harmonizes temperatures within the body's deeper layers and induces the growth of capillary blood vessels. It stimulates the production of blood and tissue and alleviates allergic diseases. It enhances the body's defense mechanism and encourages metabolism. This jade-like stone improves the skin's natural regeneration potential.

Did you know that Nuwa stone is a five-colored stone named after the Chinese goddess Nuwa?



Frangipani, the Scent that Inspires the Mind
This magnificent and fragrant flower is considered sacred in Asia and symbolizes immortality. The frangipani tree grows to an immense age - often several hundred years. The flowers from this tree are used in temple ceremonies and as garlands in celebrations. Its scent purifies the mind, imparts a feeling of harmony and has calming effects. In ‘Heaven on Earth' face cream, we used only pure frangipani oil from Bali. A pure exotic flower oil that smoothens and regenerate the skin

Did you know that frangipani is the skin-nurturing oil?



Protection from Outside
We are born with a brain and muscles that are all not yet completely developed, but our skin starts at its peak.
Babies renew their skin each week, so it appears perfect. When we get older, our skin's regeneration takes longer - sometimes up to six to eight weeks. Almost no one appreciates this deterioration, and many people try to counteract it. We consider wrinkles to be symptoms of decay, but wrinkles are not exclusively caused by aging. They appear due to the sun, which is responsible for 90 % of all visible facial aging. That's why ‘Heaven on Earth’ face cream contains skin-friendly UVA and UVB protection.

Did you know that the sun ages the skin externally while negative emotions cause aging from within?




  Sparkling radiance

Radiance Becomes Attraction through Positive Emotions
Your energy cream's celestial and terrestrial ingredients nurture your skin and boost your personal radiance. This is an important step on the way towards beauty, but it's not all of it. After all, real beauty also comes from within. You may have strong personal radiance, but that does not necessarily mean you are also attractive to others.

Positive emotions and thoughts turn your radiance into attractiveness. Positive emotions bestow an attractive radiance, regardless of your age. If you feel good, you radiate beauty. This is what people mean when they say you sparkle!

Did you know that positive emotions keep us young, while negative emotions will make you tired and old? This is the principle Chinese healing arts are based upon.



It has been clearly established that negative thoughts and emotions reduce our body's defensive and self-regenerating powers. Positive thoughts and emotions enhance the body's defenses, inhibit the aging processes and keep us energized. German alternative health practitioner Peter Mandel studied more than 1 million Kirlian photographs. He detected a clear correlation with the energies described by Chinese healing arts. In other words, Kirlian photography provides information on our physical, emotional and mental state.
Santi Cosmetic's philosophy is based upon these three energies. When your physical body, your emotions and your thoughts are all in harmony, you will be healthy and happy. You will also radiate this.

Did you know that "Santi" in Chinese means "harmony of the 3 energies"?
In the universe these energies correspond to: Earth - Human - Sky
In a person they correspond to: Body - Emotion - Thought