I have reviewed the composition and the properties of the proposed skin cream.
On the basis of its composition, the material should have the required attributes in terms of maintaining skin hydration and elasticity. The stated formulation has emollient characteristics and a protective effect from sunlight and aggressive airborne agents. The principal components are derived from natural substances which are widely employed in the naturopathic and pharmaceutical industries. Oil-soluble vitamins constitute a significant part of the formula and contribute to the beneficial physiologic properties.The ingredients of the base cream are in compliance with generally-accepted international safety requirements applicable to topical cosmetics.Supplemental solid additives derived from extraterrestrial objects, specifically selected meteorites, consist of substances with known composition and are documented as physiologically inert. Their incorporation into the cream does not enhance the risk of adverse events from skin contact when added to the base cream and used according to product documentation.
Dr. Pierre Blais, B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Chem., F.C.I.C.
A Canadian chemist with enormous experience in regulating health products in North America. He has worked with the FDA in advising on the health and safety of new products.
The Kirlian meteorite research was done to compare the energy of the meteorites with the energy of the same (gem)stones found on the Earth.
We used a new technique that utilizes 50,000 volts of electricity to generate an ionization field around the test objects, revealing their energy patterns.  These patterns are made visible and captured with either a video or digital camera, as seen in the resulting photographs.  
A new dual-differential Kirlian (patent pending) technique compares two subject stones on the test plate at once with the same exact energy units and time exposure, thus assuring an identical comparison of energies.
The meteorites are exposed to solar winds that our Earth’s Van Allen Belts protect us from on a daily basis.  These are powerful electrical charges that amount to many “joules" of electrical charge. So much charging is gained from solar winds that there are daily discharges that need to be "controlled" on our orbiting satellites or they would be destroyed. Controlling these solar wind discharges was one of my assignments in my aerospace electrical engineering career. 
We directly tested the meteorites, comparing them to their earthly counterparts, with the ones from space having much much more energy.  We also utilized meteorite particles, suspended in a cream for human testing and found that these meteorites gave an excellent skin treatment, imparting great energies both healing and energizing to the test subjects.  
Christopher Wodtke, Aerospace/Electrical Engineer, 20 years of experience in Kirlian analysis.
This cream is not only unique for its special ingredients. It is a totally new approach to health and beauty. Where former cosmetics work superficially, this cream is based on energy penetrating the skin and nourishes it from inside out. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the energy called chi, which is vital energy. Enhancing this energy is the Chinese ‘fountain of youth’.
This new generation of cosmetics is based on energy and will be a paradigm shift for the whole cosmetics world.
Rudi Westerkamp, Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Head of the Dutch Delegation of the Standardization Committee of TCM ISO